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South America

Moon Peru
Third Edition
$21.95 US
Moon Peru, written by a husband and wife team who have lived in Peru, provides a comprehensive look at this South American country known for its cuisine, architecture, and world-renowned archeological hot spots. More
Moon Patagonia
3rd Edition
Including the Falkland Islands
$21.99 US · $23.99 CAN
South America authority Wayne Bernhardson guides travelers to the remarkable shores, steppes, lakes, and peaks of Patagonia More
Moon Living Abroad in Brazil
First Edition
$19.99 US
Longtime resident Michael Sommers provides firsthand tips on everything from climate to culture. More
Moon Galápagos Islands
First Edition
$12.99 US
Journalist Ben Westwood guides travelers to the unparalleled wonders of this South American archipelago More
Moon Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands
Fourth Edition
$19.95 US
Moon Ecuador guides travelers to the best of this remarkable South American destination, from the smoking volcanoes of Sangay National Park to the incredible fauna of the Galápagos Islands. More
Moon Cusco & Machu Picchu
First Edition
$14.95 US
Husband-and-wife team Ross Wehner and Renée del Gaudio provide a wealth of information on Peru’s most popular destinations, including Cusco, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. More
Moon Chile
Fourth Edition
Including Easter Island
$23.99 US
The latest update from Chile expert Wayne Bernhardson, featuring the best the country has to offer—from beautiful Tierra del Fuego to mysterious Easter Island. More
Moon Buenos Aires
Fourth Edition
$18.95 US
Part-time Buenos Aires resident Wayne Bernhardson serves up the best of the “Paris of the South,” from wine-tasting in Montevideo to learning the tango in a neighborhood milonga More




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