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Kap Stann

Kap Stann

Kap Stann was born and raised in New York State, where most of the traveling she did was on family car trips up and down the East Coast. Her first time on an airplane was at age 17. When the ticket agent asked for her address, Kap replied, "24 Old Sleepy Hollow Road in Pleasantville." The agent responded in an acerbic, New York accent, "And where's dat, next to NevaNeva Land?"

Now a seasoned traveler, Kap has visited 48 states, toured 10 European countries, worked as a Swiss maid, vacationed in Mexico, explored remote corners of Central America and Southeast Asia, and crossed the Andes on foot to Macchu Pichu on a recent trip to Peru. Even after all of these experiences, she still maintains that the American South is the most "unexpectedly exotic" place she has ever seen.

Kap's first glimpse of the South took place on a trip to Georgia when she was in her late twenties. The history, the collective memory, the climate, cuisine, and culture were all so strikingly different, that she ended up writing about the region for the next 10 years. Today her travel guides cover every state south of the Mason-Dixon line, from Maryland to Louisiana.

When asked about Southern "favorites", Kap cites the exceptional food, especially barbecue, country cookin', and shrimp-and-grits. She admits, however, that her favorite delicacy is sweet tea (the house wine of the South); drinking it is the only way she knows how to get through a summer without air conditioning.

Prior to writing guidebooks, Kap was a freelance writer, covering health, labor, education, and women's issues. She has also worked in a media reform organization, and run the public affairs office for the University of San Francisco and UC Berkeley Extension.

Kap and her daughter Cory live in Berkeley, California.

By Kap Stann:

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