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Randall Wood

Randall Wood

Born on the sandy shore of New York’s Atlantic coast, Randall Wood spent his childhood in various small sailboats, developing a mariner’s curiosity for what lies over the horizon. His first opportunity to find out was at age 11, when his family drove from New York to California in a ’68 Volkswagen Bus. He’s been exploring ever since, venturing from the salmon boats of Ketchikan to the Bolivian Andes; from the Seychelle Islands to the volcanoes of Java.

Randall first ventured to Nicaragua in 1998, and remained there for the next five years, working as an agronomist and engineer. When Hurricane Mitch swept away the only bridge that led to his mountain village, he found himself marooned for several days; his Nica friends still laugh that he was the first one to cross the storm-swollen river because he was the best swimmer and, at 6’2”, tall enough to touch the bottom. He stayed in the country to help manage the Hurricane Mitch reconstruction program. He fell in love with and married Nicaraguan Ericka Briceño, with whom he now has two children.

Randall has a masters degree in international relations and development economics, and spends his free time playing 12-string folk guitar, swimming and surfing, dancing salsa and merengue, backpacking, making maps, and fiddling around with Linux-based computers. He is an insufferable gearhead whose challenge to find the perfect backpack, and its contents, continues unabated. His work has appeared in the BC Journal of International Affairs, Between the Waves magazine, SAIS Review, Wooden Boat magazine, and National Geographic Explorer.

Randall and his family divide their time between Nicaragua and Benin, West Africa, where Randall is deputy resident country director for a major development program. You can see more of his work on his website, www.therandymon.com.

By Randall Wood:

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