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Moon Living Abroad in New Zealand

Moon Living Abroad in New Zealand

1st Edition
ISBN-10: 1598801511
ISBN-13: 9781598801514
Size: 5.375 x 8.375 inches
350 pages
$19.95 US
Rights: World
Published: October 2008

About the Book

Michelle Waltzman fell in love with New Zealand’s stunning landscapes and various outdoor activities on a backpacking trip in 1998, and has since moved to the country, recently obtaining permanent resident status. Michelle provides insight and first-hand advice on all that living in New Zealand has to offer. She outlines all the information needed in a smart, organized, and straightforward manner, making planning the move abroad manageable. Moon Living Abroad in New Zealand makes the moving and transition process easy for businesspeople, students, teachers, retirees, and professionals.

Moon Living Abroad in New Zealand is packed with essential information and must-have details on setting up daily life, including obtaining visas, arranging finances, gaining employment, choosing schools, and finding health care. This relocation guide also includes practical advice on how to rent or buy a home for a variety of needs and budgets, whether it’s an apartment in cosmopolitan Wellington or a home in historic Christchurch. All Moon Living Abroad Guides include color photos, black and white photos, black and white illustrations, and maps.
Michelle Waitzman
About Michelle Waitzman
Michelle Waltzman is an adventure traveler, backpacker, and outdoor enthusiast. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand. In addition to her writing, she works as a tour guide and manager of Walk Wellington, a not-for-profit group that provides walking tours of Wellington. She is also the author of Sex in a Tent: A Wild Couple’s Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature (Wilderness Press, Oct. 2007).

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