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Moon Baja RV Camping

Moon Baja RV Camping

1st Edition
ISBN-10: 1598801481
ISBN-13: 9781598801484
Size: 6.125 x 9.25 inches
300 pages
$17.95 US
Rights: World
Published: October 2008

About the Book

Experienced RV traveler Laura Martone covers the best of Baja, from the beachside campgrounds north of Rosarito Beach to Vicente Guerrero, a quick getaway near the Arizona-Mexico border. Martone includes experienced advice on the many RV sites throughout the region and also offers information on passports and visas, currency exchange, and road safety.

Complete with detailed regional maps as well as directions for each campground, Moon Baja RV Camping provides travelers with first-rate expert advice and all the necessary tools to head outdoors.
Laura Martone
About Laura Martone
A native of New Orleans, Laura Martone has been an avid traveler since childhood. Growing up, she and her mother would often take long road trips to fascinating U.S. landmarks, such as the Rocky Mountains and Monticello. After graduating from Northwestern University in 1998 with a dual degree in English and Radio/TV/Film, Laura continued to explore America with her husband, Daniel.

When she isn't traveling, Laura divides her time between Michigan, New Orleans, and Los Angeles, where she operates two film festivals with her husband. She’s contributed articles to MotorHome, Route 66 Magazine, RV Journal, and The Ecotourism Observer, as well as written and edited several guidebooks.

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