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The Ranger’s Guide to Yellowstone

The Ranger’s Guide to Yellowstone

1st Edition
Insider Advice from Ranger Norm
ISBN-10: 1598801279
ISBN-13: 9781598801279
Size: 5.375 x 8.375 inches
230 pages
$16.95 US
Rights: World
Published: July 2008

About the Book

Writer Susan Frank and cartoonist Phil Frank present The Ranger’s Guide to Yellowstone, an insider’s look at Yellowstone National Park. Ranger Norm—a cartoon version of Norm Bishop, a veteran Yellowstone ranger—is your own personal tour guide, offering guidance on every aspect of the park, from Old Faithful to the difference between a grizzly and a black bear. To help you plan your perfect trip, Susan and Phil have also included a telephone directory, a list of tour operators, and descriptions of classes and educational programs.

With Phil Frank’s charming illustrations and up-to-date information on accommodations, camping, dining, flora and fauna, and recreational options, The Ranger’s Guide to Yellowstone is the perfect companion for exploring this remarkable destination.
Susan Frank
About Susan Frank
Susan Frank spent many of her childhood weekends camping in the Sierra Nevada and fishing California rivers and lakes with her family. She saw her first grizzly bear on the Katmai Peninsula in Alaska at age ten and spent more enjoyable hours waiting for fish to bite her line than actually catching them. After earning a degree in European history from the University of California, Berkeley, she taught in Minnesota and California before starting a career in communications. In 1990 she founded a media and marketing consulting company, working with a variety of clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Susan and Phil started their life together on a houseboat in Sausalito, California. This led to their first book collaboration, a children's book about living on the water. Both avid history buffs, they moved from ship to shore about 10 years ago. Susan lives in Sausalito in a 1914 Craftsman-style home, from which she ventures into California's national parks and other wilderness areas in search of inspiration for new books. Her family includes two grown children, three grandchildren, and Gus, a feisty Cairn Terrier.
Phil Frank
About Phil Frank
Cartoonist Phil Frank's daily cartoon strip Farley kept a finger on the pulse of the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 21 years, ever since Phil decided to move the strip from national syndication to focus his considerable talents on issues closer to home. The strip was dearly loved and followed daily by a local cadre of fans. Indeed, Farley became one of San Francisco's most recognized and reliable landmarks. In 2004, Phil started a nationally syndicated strip with writer Joe Troise called Elderberries, which turned a humorous eye to the issues of aging in America. Phil passed away in September of 2007, but his Elderberries strip still runs in newspapers across the country.

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