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Moon New England Hiking

Moon New England Hiking

Fifth Edition
The Complete Guide to More Than 400 of the Best Hikes in New England
ISBN-10: 1598800191
ISBN-13: 9781598800197
Size: 5.375 x 8.375 inches
475 pages
$21.95 US
Rights: World
Published: May 2010

About the Book

Avid hiker and freelance writer Jacqueline Tourville invites you to grab your hiking gear and get away from life’s daily grind in Moon New England Hiking. Packed with useful information, Moon New England Hiking covers a wide selection of hiking trails from beginner-friendly, low-terrain treks to alpine adventures in New England’s higher elevations. Tourville provides lists that appeal to a variety of hikers’ interests, such as Best Hikes for Fall Foliage Viewing, Best Coastal or Island Hikes, Best Backpacking Hikes, and Best Hikes for Kids. Complete with details on what to pack, what to wear, and tips on hiking ethics, Moon New England Hiking gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable hiking experience.
Jacqueline Tourville
About Jacqueline Tourville
What kept Jacqueline Tourville sane when her daily commute came to a grinding halt in Boston traffic? Thinking about her hiking gear stored neatly in the trunk, ready for another weekend away from the urban hustle and bustle. From beginner-friendly, low terrain treks to alpine adventures in New England's higher elevations, Tourville’s Saturday escapes gave her the chance to explore just about every peak and valley in the incredibly diverse six-state region.

Now living in New Hampshire with her husband and two children, Jacqueline is a busy freelance writer when not out on the trail, penning the popular “Are We There Yet?” family travel column for Parenting New Hampshire and writing numerous articles about health and outdoor living for web and print publications. Jacqueline’s first blisters from her first pair of hiking boots were the result of her first "real" hike, climbing New Hampshire favorite, Mount Monadnock. She writes about outdoor activities from the perspective of someone whose heels still wear a few scars from that day—sympathetic to beginners, but also with an eye on what experts want to know.

Before becoming a writer, Jacqueline worked for many years as a public school teacher in the Boston area (she hold a master's degree in education). Social studies teacher by day, Jacqueline also led school-wide hiking retreats to Mount Monadnock, Mount Agamenticus (Maine), and Mount Tom (Massachusetts). Maybe it's because she grew up in the shadow of New York State's Adirondack Mountains, but to Jacqueline, it's just not right for kids to grow up without regularly breathing in some fresh mountain air!

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