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Moon Living Abroad in India

We are not looking for authors for the Moon Living Abroad series at this time.


About Moon Living Abroad

Many people fantasize about living in another country, and these guides show how to make the dream take shape. With authors who have made the move themselves, the Moon Living Abroad series provides empowering information on the practicalities of relocating and the realities that one faces upon arrival—letting readers know that there’s a place that matches their budget, needs, and dreams.

Moon Living Abroad authors must have experience living as an expatriate in the country or city they are writing about and must be very knowledgeable about the process of moving there for U.S. citizens. In addition to the red tape of the actual move, the writer must also be familiar with all aspects of daily life in the destination, including the cost of living, education, health care, employment, real estate, and transportation. The writer should also know the best places to live within the destination and should have previous experience writing about it, travel, and/or living abroad.

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